Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Snowboarding in Sölden

Hello, everybody!
Here comes my first blogpost in English. I've just spontaneously decided to do a "tribute" to a friend of mine, who says she feels somewhat left out because my blog is only in Russian :) Hopefully, she won't be the only one happy about me venturing into new 'linguistic' territories & carrying out this little "writing-in-a-foreign-language" experiment! This post won't probably be able to boast the eloquence of its Russian "predecessors" (*chuckles modestly*) & i'd better try to follow the principle "more pictures & less chit-chat":)
Austria has a perplexingly high number of wonderful places for snowboarding & my poor Austrian friends had to be interviewed for hours before me & Sergey were able to pick out  Sölden (a ski resort town in the municipality of Imst in Tyrolean Ötztal valley) as THE destination for this winter's trip.
By the usual way of trial & error (as none of the good hotels had free rooms already a week before our arrival) we've figured out that the best way to yet get a reservation was to make an inquiry at Ötztal Tourismus website (which is, btw, a good tip if you're planning to visit that region any time in the future). The speed (approx. 1 hour) of their reply was just as surprising as the number of propositions from different hotels (around 15, i believe) & so we even had the luxury of choosing the best "Angebot". It happened to be from a tiny family-run bed & breakfast "GARNI CARMEN" with a very reasonable price for a double + free use of a local fitness center, sauna & swimming pool FREIZEIT ARENA. Just a 5 minute walk from the Gaislachkogl ski lift our b&b turned out to be an excellent "base" & also an amazingly cosy place to stay at.
The whole Ötztal skiing region is a snowboarer's paradise with over 70 skilifts, 300 km of ski track & over 3000 meters of height. "Pisten" of different complexity offer a challenge no matter how advanced (or not:) you are in your snowbroarding/skiing abilities.
Although the whole trip turned out to be an awesome adventure, the real highlight to be mentioned separately was the visit to "Aqua Dome" spa in a nearby town of Längenfeld. Those of you who occasionally read my Twitter might know already that "gazing at the moon, stars & snowy peaks while floating in a hot tub of an outdoor thermal spa" proved to be the favourite activity of the week.
Another really cool thing to do if you're in Ötztal is "BIG 3 Rallye". "BIG 3" refers to three "Dreitausender" (mountains higher than 3000 meters): Gaislachkogl (3.058 m)Tiefenbachkogl (3.250 m) & Schwarze Schneide (3.340 m) & "BIG 3 Rallye" is the skiing/snowboaring route which allows you to visit all the peaks at one go & enjoy unforgettable 360° valley panoramas from viewing platforms as well as amazing views of the Tiefenbach Glacier & of Tirol's hightest (3,776 m) peak Wildspitze. The regional website says "you can be proud of your skiing abilities if you've mastered that route in one day". Well, not only have we mastered that particular route in one day, but i've done it with a relatively weighty camera in my hands :) Needless to say that i was the only crazy person "up there" snowboarding around with a DSLR :P
While writing this post i've gradually realized that snowboarding vacations are not meant to be analyzed & reported about, but much rather to be actively enjoyed to their fullest & then keenly be looked forward to after they are over! Can't wait till the next "Winterurlaub"!

Tja, just read the post again & had to sorrowfully admit to myself that writing in English is not exactly my thing :( I should really better stick to writing in Russian in order to maintain a better quality of the blog. Well, it was worth a try :P


  1. Странно, я почему-то была уверена, что ты ездила в Швейцарию:))))
    До сих пор, Аленика, не могу поверить в то, что ты такой псих, чтобы ехать кататься на борде с фотиком!:)
    Но твои благодарные читатели безмерно этому счастивы!!!

  2. Спасибки, Лисенок! Моей craziness хватило, правда, только на один день катаний с фотиком :)
    Ты в принципе была недалека от истины со Швейцарией, т.к. Sölden находится в 561км от Вены и буквально в 50км от границы со Switzerland.
    Рада, что тебе понравилось! kiss!

  3. Alenka, don't be so critical to yourself!
    The post is worth reading! AND watching!
    Though I didn't get some of words' meanings but I'd better think it's because I'm not in the topic of Snowboarding professional vocabulary )))
    Thanks for marvelous & breathtaking pics! can't believe you were snowboarding with camera! Btw, how did you press the button: with mittens ON/OFF? =))))

  4. i have no clue about "professional snowboarder's vocabulary", either - makes two of us ;)
    well, my craziness has its limits: been snowboarding with the camera for just one day :P
    P.S. had to take the mittens off - picture taking didn't function very well with them on! which is a pity as i find them extremely cute (& warm) :)