Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Seedcamp Kautzen (Lower Austria)

Back in the middle of August I made a spontaneous one-day escapade to the seedcamp in Kautzen, which is at the back of beyond in the uppermost corner of Northern Waldviertel. The Kautzen "seedcamp" is a distant (commercial) relative of rainbow gatherings, i.e. usually with a slightly more structured organisation and less cryptic rituals :-) Although, as I've learned right upon entering the camp, it yet involves a lot of standing around in circles and playing meditative tunes with mouth organs. Unlike rainbows, the seedcamp posses some basic infrastructure, money is allowed (and even very welcome!), there's a nice choice of pre-cooked foods, jam-sessions are amplified and VJs project psychodelic stuff onto the centerpiece of the Kautzen-camp - the Mill. Anyways, the visit to the festival turned out to be entertaining and informative: I learned how to blow soap bubbles (big time), met some new and old friends, discussed conspiracy theories with a stranger and got a free aura reading ;-)